Apu’s Revenge

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.

Apu is happy running his convenience store until he begins to realize that others see him as an outsider.

Runtime: 7:39
Format: Digital Video
Year: 2005


Apu: Wajid
Man in Store: Matt Gilliam
Girl: Nishita Lal
Wife: Giatri Dave
Woman in Store: Samantha Davidson Green
Robber: Joe Venouzio
People on Street: Ken Kokka, Justin Lerner, Guy on Bike
Guy in Picture Frame: Satyam Vyas


Writer/Producer/Director: Geeta Malik
Associate Producers: Komnieve Singh and Mita Singh
Director of Photography: Quyen Tran
Assistant Director: Jeff Hevert
Camera Assistant: Ken Kokka
Gaffers: Quyen Tran, Ken Kokka, Jeff Hevert
Sound Mixers/Boom Operators: David Harris, Thabo Wolfhaardt, Olivia Silver, Justin Wolske, Justin Lerner
Sound Design/Post-Production Sound: David Harris
Editor: Geeta Malik