Back to School

Summer is ending, and I ain’t mad.  I’ll pretend I’m going back to school.  I’ll buy my fresh Peechees, shiny new Trapper Keepers, sharpened #2 pencils.  Corduroy blazers.  Textbooks.  I’ll wrap up my lazy, lingering summer activities  and get ready to dive into a pile of new projects.

Shameless is done!  Check out the trailer!  I keep wondering if people are going to ask why I did another short after already having done a feature.  The answer is, because, damn it, features are really hard.  You need a bag of money and a tight script and a lot of help.  Doing shorts allows me to get back on set and back into the director’s chair while I work towards the next big movie.

Shameless has already been accepted to a few festivals, and hopefully, we’ll get into a few more.  And then I can run the circuit with my two feature scripts in hand, begging for funding.  Time to finalize the polished drafts and get them ready for human consumption.  Time to gather enough momentum to start pushing these rocks back up the hill. Rope-a-dope, people.  Gotta keep moving, gotta keep training.

Every fall is a promise without the schmaltz of New Years’ Eve.  You don’t make resolutions; you just hit the ground running.  And you think, as the air gets chillier and the skies get darker and the leaves blaze out in a final glory: maybe this will be the year.

Pumpkin spice everything.

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