There’s something strange in my neighborhood.  There’s something weird and it don’t look goodWho am I gonna call?

The DGA?

Today, I plan to eat my weight in candy corn.  I also plan to research a few select working directors  to see if they’d be open to a possible mentorship.  I heard the badass Ava DuVernay speak a few days ago, and she basically told us all to buckle down and do our damn work, and stop asking people to coffee.  I agree with her, but only to a point.  If asking people to help you is the only thing you’re doing for your career, then I agree – it’s the wrong approach.  But if you’re also working your ass off, and you could use some pointers from people who have actually done what you’re trying to do, then it makes sense to learn from their experience.

Somehow, McG keeps getting gigs, but we lady directors can’t muster up more than a few percentage points a year to represent ourselves in the industry.  I’ve read all the articles.  I understand the analysis.  I’ve seen the studies.  I know there are exceptions like Kathryn Bigelow and Mira Nair and Sofia Coppola.  I’m tired of discussing it.  I’m sick of worrying about it.  I’m not interested anymore in examining why creative women have to ride the pine.  I want to make some damn movies.

So, who’s out there doing it?  Who can tell me what it’s actually like to walk onto a studio movie and have to win the respect of the teamsters as a first-time (woman, minority) director?  Who can explain the process of cobbling together independent funds with foreign investors, and how to know if they’re for real?  Who’s actually parlayed their short films and tiny features into a successful, prolific, long haul career?  And, most importantly, how do we support each other and pull each other up so that nobody has to reinvent the damn wheel every time?

Today, I’m going to see who will let me pick their brains. It’s Halloween, after all.

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