Dawn to Dusk

What a poetic title for this blog post, amirite?  I’ve been waking up every morning with the sun, and finishing my work when the stars are out.  Why?  Because I’m line producing an indie thriller, Life Tracker, and there’s plenty to do.  The cast and crew are awesome, the script is fascinating, and we’re slowly crossing things off our task lists, which is always Fun!  Capital F!

I love having a shitload of work to do.  I love it.  I love having this feeling of forward momentum towards a very concrete end goal.  The feeling is what’s important, because so many of my days are nebulous and amorphous, and I wake up in the morning knowing I have to do a million things to get my career going, but having only a vague idea of how to accomplish them.  After years of doing jobs that weren’t exactly in line with my goals (ahem), and then moving into the freelance world where there’s no stability, it’s nice to have a daily schedule again for a project that I’m excited about.

Though, of course, since this is a movie shoot, it’ll all be over soon, and I’ll be back to trying to figure out how to make the the big bucks that I assumed I’d of course make when I became an indie filmmaker.   Don’t all indie filmmakers get to roll around in piles of gold?  Cause that’s what I was told in film school, and if that’s not true, well, then, I don’t know what to believe anymore.  Is the sun yellow?  Is the sky blue?

One of the many tough parts about this industry is that you can never really escape your work.  I used to be able to watch TV and movies without knowing a single person involved.  Nowadays, I see familiar names in the credits and familiar faces on the screen, and even while I’m genuinely enjoying myself, I’m always a little outside of it all, watching with one eye, taking mental notes, making critical assessments.  And when something is particularly awesome, I’m inspired, and then I wonder if I should just give up, because how can you top the genius of Arrested Development?  It’s actually a good feeling to have something to strive towards.  None of us set out to make According to Jim, do we?  Uh…

Plenty more to come!  Especially since I’m planning to see Haywire soon, a movie I’ve been quite excited about for a while.  Though who the hell signed off on the ad that quotes it as being “a sexy thriller for women?!?!”  I nearly got up and punched my TV screen when that came on.  I think Gia Carano would approve.

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