Golf Claps


Friends, Romans, Countrymen…it’s been two years.  When I had my first kid, I made the commitment to writing something, anything, at least once a month, and posting it for all the world to see.  And now, it’s been two kids, and two years of these monthly blog posts.  Golf clap?  Golf clap.

I’ve made some resolutions for the new year.  Some are universal (enough with the doughnuts).  Some are personal (attempting to curb anxiety).  I’ve got professional goals as well as artistic goals, and I’m still holding out hope that they’ll someday intersect.

And so, while I’ll still post whenever the feeling strikes, I’m no longer holding myself to the monthly updates.  This last one of 2014 will be short and sweet.  I hit my goal and accomplished what I set out to do with these blog posts, and now it’s time to get my creative mojo working in other areas.

Thanks for reading this far!  Keep on checking back for updates here and there as the mood strikes, and in the meantime, cross your fingers for bigger projects coming down the pipeline.

Welcome, 2015!

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