Inspiration Point

Well, the feature script is out to friends for notes, and then I’ll get back to revising and rewriting.  In the meantime, I’m imagining my dream soundtrack to the movie.  For the opening scene, I’m considering some old-school Gn’R.  Axl Rose and the dastardly world of Indian dinner parties?  Welcome to the Jungle, indeed!

Last night was Film Independent’s Project Involve Showcase, and it was awesome!  I was so inspired by the entire program of short films.  Half of them were dramas that made me choke up with emotion, and the other half were comedies that made me LOL (damn straight, I’m hip).  A few did both in under ten minutes, which is no small feat.  I highly recommend checking all of them out.  Shameless got a great reception, and I got a nice, healthy ego boost.  After the near-constant rejection that we filmmakers face, it’s always nice to get out there and find people who seem to get you.  A little ledge to rest on as I continue to try and scale this damn mountain.

And speaking of inspiration, please see the following:

A Most Irrational and Paramount Optimism – About living a full life with constant pain and being badass enough not to let it define you.  A moving, beautiful piece written by Dr. Priya J. Shah, my jeevan-saathi (Hindi for “person with you for your entire life,” or as Anne would say, “bosom friend”).

Some people dismiss the idea of mentorship (and many people in the entertainment industry are downright weird about it), but here’s how it can help someone like Neil DeGrasse Tyson find their place in the universe, as it were.

A great interview with Mel Brooks, the man who introduced fart gags into the mainstream.  God bless him.  

I love sports stories.  This is a real-life one from this year’s Boston Marathon.

I also love The Good Wife.  Complex, powerful women and riveting plotlines.  I’m amazed that I haven’t missed Will in these latest episodes at all!


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