Writing deadlines?  Met.  My feature script, Dinner With Friends, is out to fellowships, competitions, labs, and trusted associates.  Shameless is still screening at various and sundry festivals, including the 16th London Asian Film Festival.  

I’m tired.  I’m ready for the mindlessness of summer.  In fact, I’m feeling a lot like my lead character from Dinner With Friends.  Her name is Megha Khanna, and she’s 19, and she’s got big plans to sit around the pool and read magazines until it’s time to go back to college.  Instead, her parents drag her to dinner party after dinner party, forcing her to make small talk with gossipy Aunties and drunk Uncles.  Megha soon discovers deeper, more dastardly secrets behind the rumors, and the consequences are both hilarious and heartbreaking.

The movie is set in a wealthy Indian enclave in Southern California.  Megha has two bratty little siblings, Nina and Aarav.  In the script, Megha’s mom is named Sheila.  I have a sweet set piece all imagined out to Sheila Ki Jawani.  I get excited every time I listen to it.

Sigh.  Do you remember those carefree summers?  How time flies.  Now we’re those drunk Aunties and gossipy Uncles.

Is it too late to start using eye cream?

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