Mmmmm, processed soy product

Happy Tofurky day!  Who would have guessed that a beige, cylindrical slab could be so chock-full of flavor and protein?  This is not sarcasm.  I genuinely love the stuff.

I’m thankful for Project Involve.  I’m thankful for this .gif.  I’m thankful for family, for friends, for parties, for SAG screeners.  And in the spirit of the season, I’m thankful for new opportunities.

Sigh.  I just dissolved my distribution deal for Troublemaker.  Ask me about it publicly, and I’ll tell you that everyone did their best, and that without a ton of PR and ad money, it’s hard to reach your audience.  Ask me about it privately, and I’ll tell you a lot more.  I’m a professional, see, so I’m being professional.  Even though what I really want to say is this.

New opportunities.  In distribution, those are hard to come by, despite all the hype about multimedia platforms and streaming and blah blah blah.  YouTube?  iTunes?  I’m not sure what my next step will be, but my last step wasn’t working.  Sometimes it’s better to walk away with those all-important fingers in the air and move on.

I’m thankful for toys with an off switch.  I’m thankful for pumpkin pie.  I’m thankful for gravy that mostly covers up the taste of Tofurky.  Eat, drink, and be merry!  For tomorrow, we become a Cathy cartoon.

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