Shawty Film Shoot

This entry is short and to the point because good god damn I’m in PREPRODUCTION!  We ride!

Who: You, me, and lots of people we know
What: A short film called Shameless that we’ll send to festivals
When: June 15th, sunrise to sundown
Where: A deserted location near Palmdale
How: Begging, borrowing, and stealing
Why: Because it’s a good script with a rad twist

I need your help.  Yes, you, the one that looks just like an Indian villager.  I need your warm brown body to be part of a big crowd scene.  Lots of background people will be featured, so we need good reactions and lots of enthusiasm.  You get to boo and hiss at me!  I know you’ll enjoy that.  And we will pay you in delicious food, copious water, and eternal gratitude.

Let me know ASAP if you’re available, and if you have your own Indian clothes (plain kurtas for the men, cotton gaghras for the ladies).  See the pic above to get an idea of what I’m looking for.

And if you want to help in any other way – with funds, elbow grease, or scotchy scotch scotch – I will run to you with open arms.  Pass this along to any potentially interested parties!

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