Well, well, well.  It’s been many moons since I’ve sat down long enough to gather my thoughts.  Many things have been on my mind lately.  The election, and how much more grey hair Obama has now.  Being a month away from delivering my first child.  Not recognizing my gigantic feet.  Writing my web series.  Truffles, the inspirational guinea pig.  Elmo, Petraeus, BP, Sandy.  Malala.  Finishing my next screenplay.  Sending out query letters.  Ignoring friends who post incessantly about how cute their kids are, and ignoring friends who brag about running throughout their pregnancies.  Story circles.  Narrative flow.  Feeling guilty about eating too many burritos.  Overcompensating by eating too much kale.

This year, I was a semi-finalist for the ABC/Disney writing fellowship and a finalist for the ABC/Disney directing program.  I shot a couple of funny little shorts: Currytime and The Happiest Day.  I worked on films with friends over the year, including Happy and You Know It, which I line produced and am now editing, and Life Tracker, which I line produced, and which is currently in talks with various distributors.  A few months ago, I joined an awesome weekly writing group, and it’s been the most helpful thing I’ve done for my writing all damn year.  Thanks to that group, I’m actually making headway on my various writing projects, with an eye to shooting my next feature soon.  A few weeks ago, I shot a session with the lovely Pranidhi Varshney, star of Troublemaker and naturally gorgeous model.  I’m going to put up a gallery of our session, along with my other photography, soon.  And a few days ago, I directed a fantastic pilot script called SPIN, by Judith Lutz, for the 2nd Sundays Screenplay group.  It was our first showcase, and it went beautifully.  I’m proud to be on the board of 2nd Sundays with the rest of our outstanding members.

More updates to come soon!*

*Whenever I say soon, I mean I actually have no idea when this will happen, since in a few weeks, I will have a small, screaming child to contend with.

12/22/12 UPDATE!

The baby is here!  She’s healthy and happy and has a good set of lungs.  My resolution for 2013…sleep?  Surely soon…*

A sample from Pranidhi's photo session, taken by yours truly

Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny) and Melinda McGraw (Mad Men, The Dark Knight) at the reading of SPIN

Melinda McGraw and Mark Harelik (Election, The Big Bang Theory) at the reading of SPIN

Jennifer Lee Weaver, Melinda McGraw, Keith Johnson, and Karthik Srinivasan at the reading of SPIN


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