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Sweet Jeebus, we’re running out of 2013.  Last year, my new year’s resolution was to write a blog entry once every month.  And now that we’ve landed in December, I’d just like to say BOOYAH.  12 for 12.  Champagne for everyone!

To wrap up the year, I’ve decided to jump on the list bandwagon and share ten of my favorite movie moments, in no particular order.  Some people love those emotional, tearjerker moments in movies.  Catharsis moments, moments where you can purge all your pent-up tears, finish your popcorn, and leave the theater feeling lighter.  I don’t usually cry in movies, but I will now reveal my movie achilles heel: An American Tail.  Yes.  The cartoon about the little mouse with big ears who can’t find his family.  I refuse to watch that movie.  Schindler’s List? Sure.  Terms of Endearment?  Lay it on me.  An American Tail?  DEAR GOD, NO!  THAT POOR LITTLE MOUSE IS ALL ALONE IN THE BIG MEAN CITY!

So.  While I can appreciate those catharsis moments, they’re moments I don’t necessarily want to relive over and over again.  And though I did go to film school, and can also appreciate the likes of Tarkovsky and Ozu on an intellectual, scholarly level, I chose scenes that were memorable for how I felt watching them.  I’ve watched the following scenes hundreds of times, some starting in childhood, and I still get goose bumps.  These scenes get my adrenaline pumping and get me excited about filmmaking.   Having also grown up on Bollywood movies, many of those moments have to do with the perfect melding of music and visuals.

Hope you enjoy these clips!  And have a very happy holiday season.  Thanks for reading!

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Mughal-E-Azam (1954).  The amazing true story of a prince and courtesan who fall in love.  This song below is the courtesan, Anarkali, defying the king and declaring her love for the prince, even though she knows she’s certainly going to be put to death directly afterwards.  Badass.

Amadeus (1984).  A transcendant moment where Salieri is overcome by Mozart’s genius.  That bastard Mozart.  Skip ahead to around 3 minutes if you’re an enemy of massive cleavage.

Contact (1997).  The fun starts around 2 minutes, when Jodie Foster finally hears the aliens.  I really want to hear some aliens.

Coolie (1983).  I remember my mom loving the beginning of this scene, and that’s the part that sticks with me, too.  Coolies are the guys who get paid peanuts to lug around people’s, well, luggage, at train stations in India.  That beginning moment is them heading to action with the sound of the train chugging along underneath.

Sneakers (1992).  One of my all-time favorite movies.  Oh, the tension in this scene.  Scary!

Karz (1980).  I couldn’t find a version with subtitles, so I’ll try to explain this moment: the movie is about reincarnation.  A guy was murdered by his fiance, and is then reincarnated as Rishi Kapoor, that curly-headed fellow in the clip.  He slowly begins to remember his past, and this song is his re-enactment of his murder and what followed.  The murderer is in the audience.  JUICY!  Come for the creepy and satisfying story, and stay for the incredible disco fashion.

Hanna (2011).  Sweet action scene from one of my favorite movies of 2011.

Thelma and Louise (1991).  Classic.  Beyond classic.  Iconic.  Women get to blow things up, too.

Wayne’s World (1992).  I still know this movie line for line.  Also, I really wanted one of those sweet licorice dispensers that Garth had in his car.  You know what I’m talking ’bout.

The Matrix (1999).  Now we’ve seen it all, but back then, this was all mind-blowingly exciting.

And hell, one to grow on.  Blazing Saddles (1974).  I could listen to this song all day.  It’s twue, it’s twue.

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