Yay, Rejection!


Good news: my next feature script, Dinner With Friends, made it to the top 10% for the Nicholls Fellowship!  And…no further.  But it was a very encouraging piece of news to get with the rejection letter.  Watch the page for updates, and tell your rich uncle!

Good news: Shameless is in the 2014 Long Beach QFilm Festival!  Our screening is on September 14th at 3:30pm in the “Women’s Shorts” section.  Come watch and check out the Q&A with yours truly afterwards!  Tickets on sale starting Monday, August 11th.

Mediocre news:  I can’t stop watching Say Yes to the Dress.  I was never one of those kids who dreamed of her wedding day, and I certainly never got excited about wearing a big, pouffy white dress (we northern Indians tend towards the extremely red and gaudy).   But damned if I can’t stop watching this TV show.  This is my life.   Thanks for the link, venerable Pranidhi Varshney, star of Troublemaker and friend who can see right into my soul.  I have a problem.

Bad news: You already know.  Gaza.  ISIS.  Bombs, violence, families torn apart, bullshit politics.  I very often feel that I can’t post a blog entry as trite as this one, talking about career hopes and trash TV, while there’s so much madness in the world.  And yet, as my amazing sister just told me, we need a “reminder that we all need levity also, in times of intense despair.”  

Another reminder that always makes me feel better, courtesy of Mr. Rogers.  Bless those who know how to help, and who devote their lives to it.  

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